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Dramatherapy is a psychosocial therapy belonging to the family of Arts Therapies, each with their own professional body and registered with The Health and Care Professions Council.


The root of the word drama means action. So in essence dramatherapy is about finding creative or active means to express what is the matter. Stories, pictures, physical expression, objects and metaphors are examples of the methods available for the client and therapist as they work together to understand both what is troubling the client but also what can help.


Dramatherapy sessions can be held with groups or individuals, short, mid or long term, with children and adults.













Key principles of using the arts in therapy are that giving a shape and a form to thoughts, feelings and circumstances:


  • provides relief, a sense of proportion and the capacity to gain control

  • safely contains the overwhelming

  • introduces perspective which can bring insight and understanding

  • shifts the emphasis from verbal exchange to more manageable means of communicating, relating and expressing

  • helps client and therapist find a shared language that enables the client to connect, feel understood and express themselves

  • enables the client to be active in their therapy, to actualise change rather than talk about or aspire to it

  • provide clear means with which to remedy past experience and manage present challenges


Dramatherapy is rooted in:

Anthropology - how humanity behaves, responds and copes with life’s ages, stages, losses and traumas.

Psychotherapy - the therapeutic relationship provides a new experience of being with and being self that arises from a healthy, supportive and creative relationship. Rebekah uses a psychodynamic approach often making use of the interplay between the ‘there and then’ of the past and the ‘here and now’ of the present. The art form connects the client to their way of being in the world bringing insight and understanding and the possibility of new ways of being.

Drama and theatre - humanity has created, performed and watched itself in action in order relieve, re-live and release expressions of what it is to be human; to be in relationship, to feel pain, to experience adversity, to survive and to celebrate.

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Developmental Psychology & Neuroscience - How we relate effects our brains which in turn effects our selves. Developing healthy reationships early on can shape healthy lives and recovery can build healthier selves with healthier futures.