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Since working with Nottingham City Asperger Service to pilot the effectiveness of Dramatherapy in 2012 and 2013, Rebekah has been using Dramatherapy with adults with Asperger Syndrome as a tool for understanding self and others. It has been a useful, effective and highly accessible approach for understanding confusion, alleviating stress, enabling expression, improving communication, managing situations, developing strategies and integrating ability into diagnosis.


Rebekah has published an article Making Sense: Dramatherapy with Adults with Asperger's Syndrome in Dramatherapy, The Journal of The British Association of Dramatherapists. The article documents how Dramatherapy offers accessible, helpful and effective approaches for people with Asperger's Syndrome.

Dramatherapy and Asperger's Syndrome


Dramatherapy uses clear, organised structures for the client to make sense of their challenges.


Individuals can work with their actual situations and make sense of them or work with stories and fictional situations that provide a bridge to undertsanding actual experience.

Working creatively can help the individual experience a more able self with which to face these challenges.


Rebekah has found dramatic narrative and character to be accessible and an effective connecting resource. The dramatic acts as a lens through which the client can see themselves and the world more clearly.


The Dramatherapy and Asperger Syndrome Pathway


Thoughts, feelings and relationships can be hard to understand.


Thoughts, feelings and problems can be put into a visible clear form. The visible form may be an object, a chair,  a character or other representation.


This makes it possible to see thoughts, feelings and situations and begin to understand.


The individual can make sense of themselves in a situation, their thoughts, feelings or behaviours.


The indiviual may be more able to cope or negotiate particular challenges.