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There are some basic bulding blocks that enhance the parent:child relationship which in turn provide essential ingredients for children to develop healthy  thoughts and behaviours paving the way for sound mental health into adult life.


Whether a child is experiencing emotional and/or behavioural issues or not they can reap life long benefits from parents who have learnt to develop a playful relationship with their child and to think about them and respond to them with acceptance, empathy and curiosity.


Dramatherapy is well placed to demonstrate and faciliate the stance and skills parenting requires for a healthy parent:child relationship to grow and to respond to the enevitabal challenges presented.





Early Years & Dramatherapy


Safe and simple exercises can convey essential concepts that improve the quality of care giving which in turn improves the mental health and behaviour of the child, the adolescent and ultimately the adult.


Parental Insightfulness and The Pace Project are two brief groups of 8 - 10 weeks  introducing core concepts and new approaches to enable parents to get to know their child and develop healthy responses to them.


Bespoke groups are also available. An example would be an introduction to the above groups in which parents develop self acceptance and raise confidence as a parent and learn to improve communication and play with their children.