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Dramatherapy can form an important part of service provision. Dramatherapy is a clinical intervention that follows a pathway of referral, assessment, aims and evaluation. For some service users it is the treatment of choice because it provides an accessible means of communication and a managable mode of engaging.  


Rebekah has run brief interventions in Notts Healthcare NHS Trust in Adult Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Asperger's Service.


Dramatherapy uses a range of safe, accessible and effective tools and techniques that can:

  • Enagage service users who disengage from other psychosocial interventions

  • Contain overwhelming emotions which may reduce risk of harm to self or others

  • Establish a shared language with which service users can express themselves

  • Activate cognitions and raise awareness which can lead to acquiring skills and strategies

  • Integrate ability into diagnosis reducing a sense of disability or illness

  • Promote recovery

  • Enable the client to have a positive experience of relating with self and other that can be integrated into life after the intervention

Dramatherapy in Service Provision


Dramatherapy draws on a wide theoretical base pertaining to the psychotherapeutic relationship and psycho-social development as well as Arts Therapies and Dramatherapy theory, practice and research.

There is a growing evidence base for using Dramatherapy with a range of diagnosis and client groups including child, adolescent and adult mental health, parenting, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, dimentia, paliative care and more.


The journal of the British Association of Dramatherapists, Dramatherapy, is published by Routledge and contributes to the wider profressional fields of health, education and social care for a range of client groups.


If you are from a client group that is not written about or referred to on this site then contact Rebekah for more information on Dramatherapy and your field. Rebekah is experienced in developing Dramatherapy within services where it has not been used before and in applying her skills to assess and respond to the needs presented. Use of the evidence and clinical supervision underpin the work.

Evidence Base and Research

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