Rebekah Porter



Creative journeys for life


Setting out on a therapy journey can help you to make sense of what is the matter and find new ways to cope.

This can feel like a daunting task which is where dramatherapy can be particularly helpful. Working creatively enables you to connect with your reasons for therapy safely, to be able to see what is the matter from the outside looking in and to be able to engage with this in a meaningful and manageable way.

The creative form provides a connection for what may feel difficult to grasp and acts as a safe container for what otherwise may feel too overwhelming, helping you to express how things have been, how they are and how they may yet become.


Your journey


When you begin your therapy journey you bring with you your story. This may be the story of your life, the layer upon layer of circumstances and relationships that compose the life story to date, or it may be a specific story of a particular event that requires attention in order to cope or heal or change. It may be both. It might be that you have lived someone else’s story and it is time to author your own... Rebekah works with you to find or tell a fictional story that relates well to your life story or ‘event’ story. Often times the story tells your own in a surprisingly accurate way, conveying the experiences, struggles, personalities, relationships, behaviours and themes like shedding light onto a situation or seeing through a clearer lens. In some cases it may be something factual of interest to you that provides the focus rather than fiction. Again, in exploring the material further a story can emerge that tells your own story – both of what is known but also of what can yet become.

Your story


Each therapy journey is unique. As well as working with stories there are a wealth of resources available to help you understand both what is the matter and what can help. Remember drama is about doing and everyone has a different way of doing and being. Objects, art materials, instruments, space, movement, words are all ways of expressing and exploring your needs and issues. For some it is a metaphor rather than a story that speaks volumes, providing in-roads to what is the matter and opening doors to new ways through and out.




Your way