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Creative journeys for life


Rebekah can work with your service to tailor group programmes responding to the needs of your clients and service delivery.


'Effective Selves' is an 8 week anger programme equipping service users with an understanding of themselves and their anger, tools to respond to anger and  ways to develop more effective and productive reponses.


Rebekah has run one off workshops for parents and children to have a playful and meaningful experience with oneanother.

Packages and programmes


Rebekah has run a number of workshops for therapists to enhance practice and to replenish resources.


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CPD Workshops for Therapists


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Winter    An exploration of the nature of winter and the opportunity to explore the elements and learn from hidden processes.


Stealing the Sun   A tale of the misplaced and the missing with a journey towards finding and keeping.


The King of Capri    A wry and playful look at the role of King and what happens when he is disrobed and forced to venture into new territory coupled with a searching look at the poor and lowly and their transformation to rich and resourced, and, of course, the relationship between the two.


Advent   The Christmas Story holds much for Arts Therapists who carry gifts of great worth for their clients and journey with them to challenging places. It can also be a challenge to make a way as a practitioner and feel like there is no room for us. What can this story reveal to us about who and what we need? How do we find peace in our circumstances?


Epiphany   Continuing on from Advent, this workshop for Arts Therapists focuses on the second half of the Christmas Story and explores themes of search, gift, threat and refuge.